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Free Remediation Data

The EU-funded SISSDEN project provides high quality data for network owners and researchers at no cost. Thousands of network owners (including 92 national CSIRTs) subscribe to SISSDEN's daily remediation reports to help clean up their networks. A curated reference dataset provides a massive amount of raw data for researchers to perform their own analyses.

Sensor Network

SISSDEN is built upon one of the largest, most sophisticated network of sensors in the world. Currently, hundreds of sensors are deployed in more than 50 countries. Each sensor contains state-of-the art honeypot and darknet technologies that can detect a broad range of cyber attacks.

Enterprise Service

Coming in 2020

Gurew is the enterprise service stemming from the SISSDEN EU project. It builds upon SISSDEN technologies to provide next generation realtime cyber threat intelligence, including a number of features that put it ahead of the competition.

  • Innovative CTI/SIEM
  • Prevents attacks
  • Realtime response
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Interactive analytics
  • Hybrid sensors

Despite the state-of-the-art features, Gurew is highly accessible to small businesses. It can be signed up to in 30 seconds with data and analytics immediately available from the global sensor network.

Its hybrid sensor technologies enable the service to scale to larger enterprises. Installing optional sensors within the user's network enables the Active Defence technology to prevent attacks from occurring.


Fill out your details and choose subscribe, and we'll let you know when Gurew is available to try. Expected Summer 2020.

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